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July 13, 2019 11 am - 5 pm: FREE "Choose your own adventure" tour; 5 PM: FREE picnic

Thank you to our current sponsors:
CivicMapper, Porter Loves Creative, The Paper LadyPub in the Park, East End Food Co-op, Grow Pittsburgh, Fort Pitt Home Inspection Services, Julie Grose, Treat Me Daily, Rotary Club of Swissvale, Price and Associates, PCMaster's Hardware, Triangle Bar and Grill, Bonnie Spoales, Stew's Brews, Pittsburgh Mennonite Church, Union Baptist Church of SwissvaleSwitch and Signal Skate ParkThe Borough of Swissvale GoodFellas Restaurant and Tavern, Wilkins School Community Center, Dave Swatzler and Gary Marzolf, Maggie Oates, Turner Dairy Farms, and Perla's Appliances Plus!

The first Swissvale Edible Garden Tour is a free event set for Saturday, July 13th, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm in 14 gardens throughout the Borough of Swissvale, and immediately followed by a celebratory cookout at the Swissvale Community Garden (7301 Denniston Avenue, Swissvale PA 15218) at 5pm.

Offering a peek into some of the area’s most unique private gardens, the tour is an opportunity for Swissvalians and regional garden enthusiasts to come together, get inspired, and learn something new.

Guide and Map

Get the full printable guide here: Swissvale Edible Garden Tour Guide 7.8 MB


Garden Tour Stops include:


Free Picnic at 5 pm at the Swissvale Community Garden (corner of Collingwood and Denniston Avenues) includes:

More Info

Through this FREE, community-wide event, SCAC hopes to showcase Swissvale as a great place to garden, visit, and live. We are seeking to promote the real and tangible benefits of gardening; gardening beautifies and connects community, promotes physical and mental wellbeing, and has far-reaching ecological benefits. We hope to build confidence in newer gardeners and inspire young people to get their hands dirty and get growing.

Keep an eye on the facebook event for updates on sponsors and activities as they develop!


Interested in volunteering? We'll need help with promotion, running materials to gardens, and with the picnic and more! Sign up here!

Are you or your company interested in sponsoring? Check out the downloadable Sponsorship Form or select a sponsorship level via PayPal:


Where does this start?

Anywhere you want!This is a choose your own adventure style of event -- check out the map and decide where to start. A hard copy of the map is available at all stops, including the Swissvale Farmers Market. Start at any time between 11 and 5 (ok, maybe 4:30, so you have time for at least one!). Go to as many gardens as you want in any order that you want.

Who is leading the tour? Do I go with a group?

You are the master of your own destiny on this tour. You are free to roam on your own or with company. At each stop, the tender of the garden will be available to show you around, answer questions, and provide info and insights into their garden specialties.

What does it cost?

NOTHING! This event AND picnic are totally free thanks to the generous support of our sponsors!

Do I walk or bike or drive or what?

That is entirely up to you! You may use any mode of transport you want. If you decide to drive, please be mindful of residential parking restrictions, including fire hydrants, driveways, and handicapped parking spaces so the neighbors don't hate us.

Are there bus stops nearby?

Yes! Swissvale is served by the following bus routes on weekends: P1, 59, 61a, 61b

Is this event kid friendly?

Yes! We really want to encourage young gardeners! Some gardens have activities specifically for kids. See the map and guide for details. Please ask your children to respect the gardens and garden owners wishes regarding where you may travel in the garden, etc.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes! A number of local establishments, including two stops on the tour, have allowed the use of their restroom facilities. Please see the map and guide.

What if it rains or storms?

This event is rain or shine - bring an umbrella and tour on! But seriously, most of our hosts have porches for cover during short bouts of rain. Longer bout of rain or a storm? Before heading back out, visit one of our sponsor restaurants for a quick bite, check out some gardening books from the library, live out your skater dreams at Switch and Signal Skatepark, get some gardening supplies at Master's Hardware - just don't forget to come back to the tour and picnic when the rain lets up!

Where are those cool t-shirts for sale?

At the Surprise Garden! See the map and guide for location.

Do I need to bring something to the picnic?

No need - we've got some great food on the way, we'll be firing up the grill, and you can feel free to just join in. We'll have some seating, but if you have a favorite comfy camp chair, bring it along

The event is presented by the Swissvale Community Action Committee (SCAC) and proceeds from the event will support the Swissvale Community Garden (SCG.)