May 2019 Primary Elections

The leadership of Swissvale Community Action Committee (SCAC) wishes to thank all of the candidates for Swissvale Borough Council and Woodland Hills School Board Region 2 for participating in our candidate questionnaire, Meet the Candidates forum, and follow up discussions. We are also grateful to the community members who have engaged in the process of vetting these candidates both online and off.


SCAC is thrilled to announce that we’re endorsing Weldianne Scales and Shawn Alfonso Wells for Swissvale Borough Council, and Marilyn Scott for Woodland Hills School District, Region 2:

These candidates excited us with their deep commitment to proactive communication and transparency. They also shared innovative ideas to improve our community coupled with common sense, creating a realistic antidote to the status quo “this is how we’ve always done it” refrain we hear all too often from our current officials. They have already taken steps to listen to the community members they seek to serve, and we believe in their intention to continue that action if elected. Through intentional outreach and direct representation, they will uplift the voices of those least heard and most impacted by local policy decisions. SCAC leadership was also happy to see these candidates actively demonstrate informing themselves about the issues facing our borough and school district now, instead of waiting until they are seated in power to become educated about the role they seek.

Please note that we may endorse additional candidates in the lead up to the general election. And as an unincorporated association, we will spend no more than $250 on materials to support these endorsements.


For our first outing endorsing local candidates in 2019, the leadership of SCAC used a rubric to measure candidates positions on the following issues:

Seven out of the nine members of SCAC leadership ranked each candidate on the following five-point scale:

For transparency, members of leadership that voted on this endorsement are Rachel Thompson, Dan Buch, Sam Laffey, Nathan Shaulis, Alyia Paulding, Laura Kuster, Hollen Barmer. Members who abstained are Miranda Crotsley and Leland Scales.


Below are links to printer-friendly and social-friendly images for the endorsed candidates: